Susan and Dipi spy on ‘saucy’ masseuse Courtney!

Susan and Dipi spy on masseuse Courtney suspecting her of giving their men 'extra-special' massages, what's really the truth?

Susan and Dipi want to know why their men just can’t seem to get enough of masseuse Courtney. As their guys’ trips to her salon increase, the wives up the anti and start spying on her.

The plot thickens when Courtney drops a piece of paper with her clients’ details on it. Susan and Dipi are horrified to see Karl and Shane’s names among the list – and further appalled when Sheila reports having seen Karl leaving Courtney’s treatment room naked and clutching a box of tissues! With that, it’s decided that Courtney is giving her male customers more than just a massage at the end of her sessions?

As things spiral, Terese gets involved and fires Courtney from the Lassiter’s complex. But are the gossips right – is Courtney behaving inappropriately with the Erinsborough menfolk?