Flirting with Love | Marisa Tomei & Sam Rockwell give this US indie comedy some spark

Flirting With Love aka Loitering With IntentSam Rockwell Marisa Tomei

Loitering with Intent.

Two out-of-work New York actors head upstate to write the film script they hope will give them their big break in Flirting with Love (aka Loitering with Intent). They have 10 days to come up with the goods. But as more and more people turn up at their country retreat, including family members, old flames and volatile rivals, the distractions mount and the emotional turmoil takes its toll.

Flirting With Love aka Loitering With Intent Marisa Tomei Ivan Martin

Like its hapless protagonists, this low-budget indie comedy from writer-producer-stars Ivan Martin and Michael Godere starts brightly. Unfortunately, also like them, it soon runs out of steam. Co-stars Marisa Tomei and Sam Rockwell produce the odd spark, as does Natasha Lyonne in a brief cameo. Martin and Godere’s sad sack characters, however, really do test our patience.

Certificate 15. Runtime 73 mins. Director Adam Rapp

Flirting with Love debuts on Sky Cinema Premiere on Monday 5 June.


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