Is Roo about to lose her baby in Home and Away?

Pregnant Roo is rushed to hospital after experiencing severe stomach pains and Nate and Tori suggest she may have an ectopic pregnancy.

Having had to pull over at the side of the road, pregnant Roo is in terrible pain. She tries to phone for help, but her mobile slips down the side of the seat. Meanwhile, back at home, Alf is wondering what’s holding his daughter up and is waiting for the cough medicine she was getting him.

As Nate and Tori pass by on their motorbike, Roo manages to honk the horn to get their attention. As she passes out, the medics realise she’s pregnant and that something is seriously wrong – it could well be an ectopic pregnancy, which will mean she will likely lose her baby…

Alf and Leah rush to hospital as Roo is taken to surgery, but before the doctors get the chance to operate, she falls unconscious… Will Roo and her unborn baby survive?