Mick is wrestled to ground when his return to the Bay becomes public knowledge!

Mick is wrested to the ground by Ben Astoni when Olivia reveals he's Irene's rapist son

Mick’s secret return to the Bay becomes public knowledge when he’s spotted up at the Astonis’ after fixing a flat tyre for Maggie. As Ben learns he’s a rapist, he attacks Mick and flings him to the ground!

Kat and Robbo almost split as the manhunt continues, throwing up all kinds of information which sends Robbo reeling with worry…

Roo and Alf try to work out what’s going on as Ryder, Alf’s cocky grandson, swans into town without so much as a by-your-leave.

It’s the end of the road for Justin and Scarlett, who leaves the Bay with her ex Caleb.