Kat cuts ties with Robbo as the mystery about his real identity deepens

Kat takes a step back from Robbo when she starts doubting his amnesia after finding a photo of her among his things

Copper Kat has been good to Robbo. She’s tirelessly helped him to battle through the fog of his amnesia to find out who he is and why he is in the Bay.

Ash and Scarlett already have doubts about him – and this week Kat starts feeling the same way when she finds a photo of herself in uniform during a search of the site where Robbo was originally found.

Worried, Kat asks Robbo to do a lie detector test. His answers come back as truthful but the policewoman can’t ignore her fear and tells Robbo she’s taking a step back from the case. As Kat changes her focus to her troubled relationship with Ash, who tells Tori he needs to make Kat his priority, will the couple finally get properly back on track?