Baby bombshell! What will Robbo do when he discovers Kat is pregnant?

Robbo is stunned when he discovers Kat's pregnant and floors her with an unexpected proposal!

Kat is struggling to cope with the revelation she’s pregnant and decides to keep the news to herself for now.

However her secret is soon out when Roo sees her vomiting and later notices a pregnancy testing kit lying around. Oops!

When Roo gently asks her what she’s intending to do and how she’ll break the news to Robbo, a torn Kat is conflicted however, the truth later comes pouring out when she and Robbo get into an argument and an angry Kat blurts out that she’s carrying his child!

Robbo is stunned but it’s later Kat’s turn to be shocked when her boyfriend gets down on bended knee and asks her to marry him! What will Kat say and is Robbo going to be delighted or very disappointed?