Drug addict Brody steals a handbag and is attacked in Home and Away!

After stealing a woman's bag in a bid to find money for drugs, Brody attempts to return it and is attacked by the terrified blonde!

In the grip of an addiction to Ice, Brody has stolen Raffy’s necklace and attempts to sell it at a pawn shop. But when the shopkeeper offers him a paltry 10 dollars for the piece, Brody flips and starts smashing up the place!

With the police on their way, Brody makes his escape by flagging down a car. Diving in to the passenger seat he demands the driver, Scarlett, drives! In panic, she offers the druggy chef her handbag and when the car stops, Brody makes a run for it with the bag.

Later, and feeling guilty about his actions, Brody attempts to return the bag after finding  Scarlett’s address but the poor woman is terrified when he shows up in her home and, thinking he’s about to rob the place, she knocks him out with a vase!

When Brody comes to he’s been tied up and Scarlett’s threatening to call the cops…