Ash is left in hospital after bad beating by evil drug-dealer Zannis!

Ash tracks down Zannis but the drug-dealer beats him up as a warning for Kat and co to steer clear

After Kat confirms Zannis was behind the car crash which has left Mason Morgan fighting for his life, Tori Morgan is furious. The doctor angrily accuses copper Kat of not doing her job properly. When Ash steps in, vowing to help Kat track down Zannis, his policewoman girlfriend insists he keeps out of it. But Ash won’t.

Ash soon locates Zannis – but the drug dealer is one step ahead. He and his heavies dish out a vicious beating, wanting Kat and co to see what happens to those who meddle, before going on to slash Ash’s tyres! When the thugs vanish, injured Ash calls Justin. In hospital, Ash is given an ultimatum by angry and jealous Kat, who accuses him of undermining her orders so he could help damsel in distress, Tori… There’s nothing like a bit of sympathy, eh Ash?