Alf plots to get Mick out of Summer Bay for good in Home and Away

Alf wants Mick gone and finds him a new job in Western Australia, but is Irene's son really about to pack his bags?

Alf wants Mick out of Summer Bay and thinks he’s come up with the perfect solution when he gets a mate of his to offer Irene’s son a new job in Western Australia.

Irene urges her son to grab the opportunity but it seems Mick has got other ideas and things turn ugly when he does a U-turn and makes off with his son Luca!

Elsewhere the Astoni family get a big shock when Maggie’s mum Diana shows up on their doorstep. It’s not long before old resentments resurface and tensions mount as Diana delivers some home truths. What has brought her here and will she be sticking around?

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Meanwhile Ash and Tori share some quality time together but is Ash about to blow their relationship apart when a testing situation sees him lose his  temper and lash out? It certainly looks that way….uh oh!