Tensions flare big time as Maxine returns to Hollyoaks

When Maxine returns to the village, Darcy is soon stirring the pot...

After jetting off to America in September, this week Maxine returns leaving her rival Darcy feeling once again threatened.

Darcy can’t help making a big show of how loved-up she and Adam are in front of her. The pair who are both dressed up in their festive finest, are kissing and hugging and Darcy hits Maxine where it hurts most by announcing that she and Adam are trying for a baby.

While Adam remains suspiciously quiet about Maxine’s arrival, his dad Glenn is immediately seeing how he can use it to his advantage.

He’s desperate to split up Adam and scheming Darcy and wants his son back with Maxine. As he comes up with an idea, will his plan work?