Sienna attempts to flee Hollyoaks but disaster strikes and her baby girl’s life is in danger

As Sienna tries to leave the village, her baby girl's life is in danger

Sienna warns Joel to stay away from her and baby Sebastian, she doesn’t want him in their lives, however she panics when she awakes from a nap and there’s no sign of her little boy!

A terrified Sienna rushes out to look for him in Hollyoaks and finds him in the village with Joel. The furious mum once again tells Joel to stay away from them but when she gets home she’s stunned to find her other baby, Sophie, on her doorstep!

How has Sophie, who was snatched by Warren, returned? Who brought her back?

As she decides she needs to leave Chester immediately with her twins, she sets about packing her bags. However, fresh disaster is looming….