Mandy proposes to Luke and killer Ryan collapses in Hollyoaks

What will Luke say when Mandy goes down on bended knee and asks him to marry her and are killer Ryan's secrets about to be revealed?

After spending the night together, things seem to be going well for old flames Mandy and Luke…in fact so well that Mandy decides there’s something she needs to do!

Luke is paranoid when Mandy suddenly announces she’s got to rush into town but her reason for dashing off soon becomes clear.

He’s stunned when she returns to the village with a ring, gets down on bended knee and asks him to marry her! What will Luke’s answer be?

Meanwhile when Amy’s murder case is re-opened, killer copper Ryan is feeling the heat and as the pressure mounts he suddenly collapses! (check out the latest Hollyoaks storylines)

But when Ryan is rushed to hospital things soon take a dangerous turn when Tegan decides she wants to know more about her secretive new boyfriend! What is she about to discover?