It’s Luke and Mandy’s Big Day but is Scarlett about to wreck it?

As they prepare to tie the knot, Luke's current wife, Scarlett is hovering in the wings!

It’s Luke and Mandy’s Big Day but the groom is an anxious wreck as he prepares to say I do, thanks to his ex Scarlett lurking in the background.

Bride-to-be Mandy has no idea that he is still married to Scarlett and no clue that the couple have a teenage son, Oliver together. Eek! [Check out the latest Hollyoaks storylines]

Ahead of their nuptials, a frantic Luke arranges to meet Scarlett but he’s in more of a spin when she demands cash for her silence. Either he pays up or she will totally sabotage his wedding to Mandy.

Stuck between a rock and a very hard place, what will jittery groom decide to do?