FIRST LOOK: Duncan James’ debut in Hollyoaks’ Six Weeks of Summer trailer

Hollyoaks has released its Six Weeks of Summer trailer featuring the full-time return of killer Warren Fox and the debut of Blue singer Duncan James

Duncan James is about to make his debut in Hollyoaks after it was delayed by spinal surgery and he appears in the Channel 4 soap‘s new trailer, Six Weeks of Summer.

Duncan will play Ryan, an ex policeman who moves into the village as the boyfriend of Amy Barnes (Ashley Slanina-Davies), the mother of Ste Hay’s children. Ste appears to take Ryan’s arrival particularly badly, to say the least.

Murderer Warren Fox (Jamie Lomas) is back for vengeance, prompting shock from the locals, especially Tony Hutchinson (Nick Pickard), who says: “What the hell is Warren Fox doing back here acting like nothing ever happened?!”

The Hollyoaks summer trailer also features Mercedes proposing to Joe Roscoe, although Joanne appears to make a counter proposal; Nico reveals to Peri she’s a killer; Celine and Jesse Donovan kissing; James and John Paul kiss, behind Scott’s back; Sienna and Warren kiss, while Maxine finds out about their affair; the police knocking down the wall… to discover Patrick?

Hollyoaks continues each weeknight on Channel 4 and E4.


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