Killer threat! Bart tries to blackmail Joel in Hollyoaks

Joel warns Bart to leave town - but Bart fights back and threatens to tell Warren everything about him murdering Katy.

Joel wants Bart gone – but Bart isn’t going anywhere till he gets what he wants for his former best mate. As he threatens to expose Joel’s killer secret about Katy to Warren, is the priest fazed?

When Bart vanishes, Warren asks Joel where he’s got to and soon finds another ‘situation’ on his hands when on-off lover Sienna tells Warren she’s pregnant! Will a test firm up her claim?

At the Loft, Adam and Maxine celebrate their engagement with a party. But a bombshell arrival is set to put a huge dampener on the event…

An evening at Nightingale’s leaves a bad taste in Ellie’s mouth as a dinner date with Freddie turns sour when she sees Holly, Nick and Dirk are all eating there too. Will Freddie work out why Ellie’s so rattled?