Granny Campbell is on a mission and Luke sabotages Mandy’s wedding dress in Hollyoaks

Manipulative Granny Campbell pulls Courtney's strings and Luke takes desperate action to postpone his wedding....

Scheming Granny Campbell ramps up her control over new mum, Courtney, and wants her to move back to Edinburgh with her.

However, when Courtney is reluctant she comes up with a cunning plan to pile pressure on her grand-daughter.

Meanwhile, with his divorce from his secret wife, Scarlett,  still not through, Luke desperately tries to postpone his wedding day to Mandy….by wrecking her wedding dress!

Plus, as Tom’s whopping inheritance finally comes through, he’s in the money and starts splashing the cash.

But sly Darcy has got other plans and is secretly planning use some of his dosh to flee the country! Will she get away with it?