Dr Zosia and Guy Self at war over his reckless behaviour!

With dad Guy spiralling out of control, Dr Zosia March is forced to take drastic action...

Having given up a place at Yale School of Medicine in America to keep a close eye on her dad, neurosurgeon Guy Self, Dr Zosia March grows concerned when he continues to behave erratically this week. As Guy and Zosia work together to treat patient Christian, who needs surgery to remove a brain tumour, Zosia’s suspicious when Guy makes a professional U-turn on how much of Christian’s tumour to remove.

Knowing how focused her dad normally is, Zosia’s convinced something is impairing his judgement… and she soon suspects he’s drinking on the job! Zosia finds herself torn between doing the right thing and protecting her dad. But knowing Guy’s drunk as he operates on Christian, Zosia just can’t take the risk and makes the difficult decision to shop her dad to Hanssen! What impact will this have on Guy and Zosia’s already tense relationship?

Meanwhile, newly promoted registrar Dominic seems to be handing his new role with ease, and groom-to-be Oliver’s impressed when Dom claims to have completed all his best man duties. But as Lofty and Dom treat Graham, a David Bowie tribute act, Lofty’s suspicious that things aren’t all they seem.

Lofty quizzes Dom, who’s forced to admit he’s not nearly as on top of things as he’s made out – in fact, he hasn’t organised ANYTHING for the wedding, least of all the string quartet Ollie wants! Could Graham be just the man to help Dom save the day?

Also, Donna’s ex-husband Jarrod makes a surprise visit to AAU, putting Donna in a really awkward situation. Jarrod claims he’s changed his ways and wants to win Donna back – but what will Donna decide to do?