Word gets out about Andrea and Greg

Cyd is furious after finding Greg and Andrea in the ambulance together. Kelsey makes it her business to tell the whole department, including Selena, but Selena is more concerned that Andrea didn’t answer her bleeper. Embarrased about the whole situation, Greg tells Andrea that they should keep quiet about their relationship.

Jeff and Dixie arrive at a farm where the farmer has discovered an unexploded WWII bomb. Ignoring orders from the fire crew to wait for the bomb disposal unit, they head into the field to find three children badly injured. A doctor is needed and Cyd and Greg are forced to bring Andrea to the scene.

Back at the hospital, a reporter who was taking photos in a churchyard near to the where the bomb exploded is admitted. When his cameraman ribs him about his rivals in the newsroom covering the bomb story, the reporter asks Kelsey to persuade Nathan to let him report on the aftermath of the bomb.

Derek is persuaded to work the camera but when Derek realises that the reporter wants to ditch Kelsey in favour of Nadia, he encourages Kelsey to sabotage the report by throwing bodily fluids over Nadia…