Will Sid come clean?

Will Sid tell the partners about his affair?

When Sid arrives at work, a smirking Valerie greets him and asks about his weekend. Later, Sid asks Valerie if he can talk to her privately and she tells him that his secret is safe with her. Will Valerie stop herself from spilling the beans and exposing Sid’s affair with Megan?

Later, Sid and Megan have a private chat and Megan reveals she’s falling in love with him. Does Sid feel the same way? If so, how will the two make their relationship public? Megan has crossed the line by sleeping with a patient and could lose her job. Will the pair put Megan’s career on the line for their relationship?

Meanwhile, Ruhma’s left embarrassed as Mrs Tembe calls her Sister Kartara and tells her that is her name on the new leaflets for the practice. Will Ruhma stick with her new name?

Finally, Valerie tells everyone that Bren’s funeral will be taking place tomorrow and Ayesha doesn’t want anyone to attend or contribute financially leaving Emma devastated. Will everyone respect Ayesha’s wishes?