Will Heston and Ruhma tie the knot?

Will the couple have a happy ever after?

It’s Heston and Ruhma’s big day, and everyone is excited but Shak. He refuses to come out of his room and engage with anyone. Will Shak miss his mum’s wedding?

Mrs Tembe visits the flower shop to check in on Heston and Ruhma’s wedding flowers. Whilst she’s there, the florist Sarah is suffering from dizziness as she’s watering hanging baskets. Mrs Tembe takes Sarah to the Mill for a check up with Sid. Sarah begins to flirt with Sid and at the end of the check-up she kisses him. Will Megan catch them in the act?

Amber calls Ayesha – Bren isn’t coping well and is very agitated. Ayesha is worried about her mum and asks Mrs Tembe if she can leave early, but Mrs Tembe refuses as she can’t get cover. Will Ayesha walk out to tend to Bren and put her job on the line?