Will Ethan betray all ethics and kill Scott?

Scott makes a stinging confession. Will it be enough to push Ethan over the edge?

Casualty ended on a thrilling cliffhanger last week, with evil Scott Ellisson plummeting off a balcony. This week’s episode picks up immediately afterwards and sees an unlikely scenario – Doctor Ethan Hardy (George Rainsford) automatically rushing to help Scott!

As Scott’s life hangs in the balance he makes a confession to Ethan about Cal’s murder and sets in motion a dark chain of events. Charlie realises something’s amiss and gets clinical lead, Connie, to pull Ethan off Scott’s treatment. But with Scott’s words ringing in his ears, Ethan sees red. Will he cross the ultimate line and kill his brother’s murderer?

Ethan kills

Would you confess to this woman? Excellent Lucy Benjamin returns as Denise Ellisson


Elsewhere, Mickey has a lot of explaining to do about Scott’s fall to mum Denise. Will he come clean about his relationship with paramedic Jez, even if it means losing her?

Also this week, Connie’s daughter Grace walks unaided into the ED showing her progress since last year’s helicopter crash. Connie rashly invites Grace to move back in with her, but will work once again take priority over her vulnerable daughter?

Meanwhile, a prank leaves quite a few staff members feeling shamefaced…