Will Elliot come to Martha’s aid?

Elliot’s daughter Martha arrives at Holby to confront him about James. When Elliot learns that his son tried to commit suicide in custody, he goes to see James, who blames him for his problems. After some harsh words are exchanged, James angrily tells Elliot to leave, and Elliot returns to Holby.

Back at the hospital, Tim arrives from the STI clinic to distribute leaflets around the ward, and becomes frustrated as the staff either mock or generally ignore him. When Elliot takes his bad day out on Tim, he snaps and returns to Holby with a crossbow…

Meanwhile, Martha visits the hospital to persuade her dad to help James, and is trying to call him from reception when Tim strikes. Elliot ignores Martha’s call as she, Faye and Zoe are all hit with the crossbow.

Also, Chrissie notices Sam’s hair but still doesn’t know about his cancer. She shares her concerns with Stuart, who finally tells her about Sam’s condition.

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