EastEnders Spoilers: Whitney Carter is chuffed when Halfway Highway returns

Whitney Carter makes a fuss of Halfway Highway, Phil Mitchell finds out enemy Max Branning is back and Sharon Mitchell sorts out a tricky customer.

Halfway makes a surprise return to the Square, delighting Whitney Carter and she insists they celebrate at The Vic. It’s not long before it becomes noticeable that Halfway is injured. He tries to make out it’s nothing and brushes it off. Grateful that Halfway helped them save The Vic, Linda and Mick suggest that Halfway can stay in Shirley’s room. Mick encourages Whitney and Halfway to have some alone time. But Whitney is concerned when Halfway doesn’t seem interested in getting passionate in the bedroom. Is there something wrong?

Phil is determined to get back on track and build up his business empire once again. When he finds out that the car lot has re opened, he assumes that Jay has decided to restart the business. Confronting Jay about the what’s going on with the car lot, Phil is left stunned to discover the truth. Jay admits that the car lot is now owned by Phil’s archenemy Max Branning!

Keanu Taylor is having trouble with a very difficult customer at The Arches and he asks Sharon for help in how to deal with him. Sharon confronts the customer but is furious when he patronises her and she vows to teach him a lesson…