What’s Tom hiding?

Harvey is working on a police case on the ward where an old man named Tom Gibson (played by Johnny Briggs) has arrived with serious head injuries. Tom says he’s been attacked by his son but Harvey’s convinced that all is not what it seems. When an argument blows up between the pair, a concerned Kyla gets Lola to warn Harvey that he’s gone too far.

When Kyla returns home she’s met by a silent Harvey but soon a major argument erupts. Kyla punches him and he retaliates – but when she later comes into AAU for stitches she tells everyone that she walked into a cupboard.

Meanwhile, Donna’s down to her last £8,000. As it’s her last day at Holby, she knows that she needs to invest the money before it runs out. When Dean puts Donna in touch with a patient who’s a financial adviser, she invests some of the money and blows the rest on leaving gifts and a leaving party. But when she discovers that the advisor has vanished, Donna decides to stay.

Elsewhere, Elliot wants daughter Martha to go back to university but realises that the only way she’ll go is if he can prove that he can cope on his own…

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