What’s Nathan up to?

Nathan promises Kelsey he won’t tell anyone that she’s moonlighting as a prostitute – as long as she keeps quiet about his visit to the brothel. Kelsey bribes him for £3,000 for her silence and, when he refuses, she taunts him in front of Selena asking her if she knew where he was the previous night. Later, a furious Nathan gives Kelsey £2,850 in cash and makes her sign a statement confirming she’s a prostitute as a guarantee that she won’t ask for money again.

With Harry suspended over allegations of sexual harrassment, Nathan announces to the staff that Selena will be taking his place for the time being. At first, Maggie suspects that Nathan set Harry up to jeopardise his election campaign but rumours are soon rife that Francis made the allegation. When Guppy tells Alice that he plans to ignore Francis, Alice breaks down and admits it was her who made the complaint.

Greg tells Cyd how much he’d like to replace Josh as duty officer only for Dixie to announce that she’s been given the job. As Dixie gloats about her new job, Cyd tells her she thinks it’s a shame that Greg didn’t get it and Dixie is upset by Cyd’s lack of confidence in her. Later, Dixie tells Cyd that she’s sure she’ll cope in her new position – as long as she’s got a good team behind her.

Elsewhere, Selena agrees to marry Nathan.