What is Faye hiding?

New arrival Faye (Patsy Kensit) asks for Jac and Joseph’s help in getting a nurse’s position at Holby but would prefer not to have details of her previous employment included on her records. Joseph asks Mark if he can help Faye out and Faye insists to Mark that he can trust her. Mark agrees to take Faye on, but warns Joseph that if there’s any chance he could get into trouble for helping Faye he will not be impressed.

Meanwhile, Chrissie turns down Mark’s offer of Tricia’s life insurance policy, but changes her mind when Sam tells her he’s booked a weekend away for them in Venice. Later, Chrissie is angered when she arrives at Sam’s flat and finds young Jade sleeping in his bed and storms off when Sam refuses to ask Jade to leave. Chrissie later asks Mark for a sabbatical and reveals that it was Sam who got Connie pregnant.

Later, a cancer patient called Karen tells Kyla that she wants to make a complaint against Dan for making suggestive remarks towards her after being encouraged by Donna. Kyla tells Dan that he must not treat Karen, but when her condition worsens he decides to operate. Later, Karen tells Dan that it was Donna who gave the idea to complain. And when Donna apologises to Dan for her wayward comments he dubiously reassures her.

Elsewhere, Elliot confronts Joseph for telling a patient named Claire with an inoperable medical condition that they will be able to help her. As Joseph is about to break the bad news to his patient, Elliot comes up with a new approach for her condition. But despite Claire’s father refusing to allow surgery on his daughter, Elliot goes ahead anyway and the operation is a success.