EastEnders Spoilers: Tiffany Butcher is out of control!

Whitney threatens to send Tiff away when she posts pictures of Louise online, Arshad’s foster baby is in danger, and Max is back!

Whitney tells Stacey that Bianca has been in contact and suggested that Tiff return to Milton Keynes. Stacey thinks that Bianca is right, but Whitney insists that Tiff is better off with her in Albert Square. Later, Tiffany sneakily takes a picture of Louise and Hunter snogging on the sofa.

As revenge on Louise for picking on Bernadette she posts the photo on social media. Louise is absolutely horrified when she finds out and she furiously confronts Tiffany in the Square. Soon the girls are making a scene and Whitney and Sharon have to break it up. At a loss over what to do about Tiffany’s out-of-control behaviour, Whitney wonders if Bianca and Stacey are right after all…

Arshad finds a young woman in the street who claims that she’s injured. He kindly invites her back to his house to help her out. Arshad is taken aback when the woman, Chloe, starts asking him questions about baby Harley. It’s soon revealed that Chloe is in fact Harley’s birth mother. Will she take Harley? Or will Arshad realise who she is in time?

Ian and Masood push ahead with their uneasy business partnership. Ian unsuccessfully tries to cut Masood out of their publicity plans. When a journalist arrives to interview them about the business, they are distracted by the opening of a new car lot. Especially when they see who is running it – Max!