Things turn even worse for Kim

Constable Rice turns up at Kim’s to inform an outraged Rachel that Tara has put a restraining order on her. Rachel is devastated and thinks she may have made Kim’s whole situation worse.

Later, she’s arrives home to see a pair of teenagers about to spray damaging graffiti about Kim on the side of their house. But there’s better news for Kim when a struggling Tony asks him to help with the gym manager’s job.

However, Kim realises nothing has changed when only Colleen turns up for the aerobic class, and he feels even worse when she blurts out the news about the graffiti incident before Amanda arrives and turfs him out, making it clear he’s not welcome. Back at home Rachel tries to comfort Kim, but he’s disillusioned and tells her he wants to leave Summer Bay.

Working as Amanda’s gardener, Drew finds himself in a sticky situation when he becomes stuck in her garden shed after she arrives for a spot of skinny dipping in the pool!

Meanwhile, Rice and Jack are called to the scene of another fire, with all the hallmarks of the pyro. They confront Drew, who has to admit he was hiding in Amanda’s shed when the pyro struck, but he’s relieved he has an alibi and Jack reveals all the charges have been dropped against him.