As the compelling ITV drama continues, Georgia puts herself in danger and more details about the plane crash are revealed in this week’s The Widow

Two episodes in, and it’s clear someone will stop at nothing to prevent Georgia (Kate Beckinsale) investigating the plane crash her husband Will supposedly died in three years earlier.

In a flashback this week, we see how the tragedy occurred and who survived.

And remember the comment made by Will’s colleague, Judith (Alex Kingston), in episode one, saying he had a reason to disappear ‘that Georgia doesn’t know about’?

For better or worse, Georgia’s about to find that out and, ignoring warnings about armed militia, she heads into the jungle in search of the mysterious Pieter Bello.

The Widow

What is Judith (Alex Kingston, right) hiding from Georgia (Kate Beckinsale)?

While the subject matter of the drama might be harrowing, Hollywood star Kate, 45, found other pursuits to distract her during her time filming in South Africa, which doubles for the Congo in the drama.

She visited wildlife conservation centre Cheetah Outreach in Cape Town.

‘They rescue animals from big-game hunters,’ she says.

‘We got to hang out with cheetah cubs. It was amazing.’

And closer to home, while filming Georgia’s reclusive life in a remote part of Wales, Kate made a surprising discovery.

‘I realised I was really near to [her ex-partner] Michael Sheen’s parents, and went on a nice trip to see them.

‘So I did break up my reclusiveness with my ex-in-laws!

Continues tomorrow.

TV Times rating: ****