The pyromaniac is caught!

Jack and Rice can’t believe the hair found at the pyro crime scene matches dead man Peter Baker’s DNA. Could someone be trying to frame a dead man? Adams discovers the hair was checked by someone named Dave Elder, posing as a police officer. Knowing Dave is a fireman, Jack hauls him in for questioning, but Dave maintains his innocence.

Later Jimmy from forensics identifies the man who posed as a police officer as Rice, not Dave! The search is on to find Rice, who has done a runner from the station. Jack and McGrath arrive at Rice’s apartment to find he’s escaped. They find kero and photos of Drew in the apartment before receiving a radio call that Rice’s vehicle has been spotted.

After a car chase, the officers catch Rice and bring him in for interrogation. Rice explains he was forced to frame Drew for the fires, but won’t reveal who made him do it. As Rice is charged with arson and accepting bribes, he chillingly tells Jack that Drew is in serious danger.

Drew tells Lucas that Dean was expelled from his last school for setting the principal’s car alight, but is confused when he learns the pyro was Rice.

Later that night, Drew is on his way home when someone clobbers him round the head from behind, knocking him out…