Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston are splitting up in this refreshingly sour romcom.

She works in a snooty Chicago art showroom and he’s a bus tour guide. They meet at a baseball game and, even though they’ve got virtually nothing in common, they set up house together.

Then, when the inevitable happens, neither wants to move out of their apartment so a nasty bout of tit-for-tat ensues.

Most of the emphasis is on Aniston trying to get Vaughn to change his slobbish ways, though it’s obvious from the start that she’d be far better off without him.

The script takes the old opposites’ attract cliché to a ludicrous extreme, but with its heavy dose of confrontation and just a speck of romance this is not your usual light and airy comedy.

Vaughn is charismatic as the overgrown, loud-mouthed lad, while Aniston shines brightly as she reaches breaking point.

Showing on UTV at 11.50pm/not on STV.