Tasha leaves Ella home alone

Having left her newborn baby Ella crying alone in the house, desperate Tasha collapses on a heap on the beach, where she’s found by a concerned Martha and Jack who take her back home.

But when they get there – Ella is missing! Tasha goes into shock, but Irene calls and reveals that baby Ella’s at the hospital with Charity, Robbie… and a temperature. When she gets there, Tasha is riddled with guilt but relieved that her baby is OK.

In a bid to clear Kim’s name, Morag meets the shop keeper who pressed charges against Tara for shoplifting and discovers it wasn’t Tara’s first offence. Morag meets with Tara’s mum Grace for more information and Grace reveals Tara began acting up when her dad Gordon got promotion. Morag tells Rachel and Leah that Grace has agreed to help prove Kim’s innocence, but they still need to find the missing DNA tests.

At the gym, Tara tries to flirt with Lucas, who’s not interested, but he spots the missing DNA tests fall out of Tara’s gym bag. Immediately, Tara snatches the paper from him, grabs a lighter and tries to set fire to the evidence!

Lucas threatens to tell the police, before a panicking Tara rips open her top, scratches herself and starts screaming for Lucas to get off her.