Tasha has post-natal depression

Tasha confides in Robbie that she feels no love for her baby and when she looks at Ella, she’s reminded of all the bad things associated with her pregnancy.

Robbie and Irene invite midwife Charity round to the house, and she explains that Tasha is experiencing post-natal depression. With Charity’s encouragement, Tasha bathes Ella and begins to bond with her baby. But Tasha becomes anxious again when she’s left alone with Ella, and screams at Ella to shut up when she starts crying, before racing from the house, and leaving crying Ella all alone.

Cassie ends up flooding the kitchen and Macca turns up in the midst of the chaos. The pair end up in fits of laughter, but Cassie gets uncomfortable and insists Macca leave. Later, Sally arrives home to find Cassie crying, and Cassie admits she still loves Macca and has a difficult decision to make.

She confronts Macca at the Surf Club, insisting she loves Ric, but Macca can see through her façade, and admits he still loves her. Cassie refuses to give into temptation and heads home where she discovers Ric is being called away on business. With Ric away, and Macca living nearby, an unnerved Cassie worries whether temptation is going to get too much…