Stitch makes an impact

Maverick new consultant, Stitch, makes a dramatic impact during his first shift in the emergency department – but he certainly doesn’t impress everyone and manages to polarise opinion between Maggie and Selena. Stitch alienates Maggie when he makes a snap decision against a patient’s wishes, but then he sticks up for Selena, appealing to her softer side.

Meanwhile, young Sam goes out on a shout with the paramedics to find out what it’s like to actually be one. Sam messes up to start with but Greg decides to give him a second chance and Sam’s eyes are opened when he rushes to the aid of two ladies in trouble. When Sam shows he can rise to the challenge, the boys take him to the pub to celebrate.

Despite Stitch’s arrival, it’s business as usual at the hospital. A man named Ian is harbouring a major secret from his wife – but when he’s brought into hospital after a car accident the truth is exposed. Meanwhile, a patient called Jack is forced to rethink his attitude towards life when his younger brother nearly kills himself through binge drinking. And Chris, a ‘go get ’em’ fireman, attempts suicide to escape a debilitating illness.

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