Stingray has a bad fall

Rachel fails to sober Stingray up after his excessive boozing at her school dance, and he has a nasty accident when he falls from the Kennedy roof.

He ends up in hospital with a groin injury and swears to Rachel he’ll stay off the booze from now on. His day goes from bad to worse when Susan gives him a dressing down, and he receives chilling news from Karl that his injury may be worse than first thought.

Max and Steph are getting back on track and Max is pleased when Elle seems to offer an olive branch in the form of a profitable deal with the garage. But secretly Elle is stepping up a gear in her revenge plan against Max. While he’s looking after Charlie, the tot suddenly disappears, only to later turn up in exactly the same spot as Max left him. While everyone grows increasingly worried about Max’s fragile state of mind, he’s unaware that the whole situation has been secretly orchestrated by devious Elle.

Paul continues to try to change his ways, and after a discussion with Lyn, decides to cut off Elle’s credit cards in an attempt to be a loving dad rather than just a cash cow.

Also, Susan’s thrilled to have Karl back home, but worries about his distant and detached behaviour around the kids.