Smuggled – C4

With the UK's borders high on the political agenda, Smuggled tries to find out just how tough it is to enter the country illicitly

The UK government has vowed to “take back control” of the country’s borders, but how easy is it to sneak into the UK?

In Smuggled, eight British citizens from a range of backgrounds will try to do just that in a two-part series that highlights the strain the UK border forces are under (Monday, 9pm, see our TV Guide for full details).

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The bravest of the lot is Asha, who attempts an eight-hour channel crossing in an inflatable dinghy, while others opt to hide in campervans and use false passports.

The people who are going to try and enter the UK illicitly

Ready to have a crack at the UK’s borders

The results are interesting, even if most of these participants have teams collaborators helping them try to beat the system…

TV Times rating: ****