Sid wants to go back into therapy

Sid wants Megan's help again?

Sid is worried about a patient called Mr. Tomlinson. He turns to Al for advice, but Al patronises Sid and tells him that his patient is nothing but a hypochondriac. Deflated, Sid turns to Megan and explains that he wants to return his therapy sessions. Will Megan say yes?

Rob wants some time alone and decides to go on a fishing trip by himself. He gets to the riverbank and relaxes but is disturbed when Karen calls him. Keen to enjoy the peace and quiet, he snaps at Karen and causes her to slam the phone down. He is then disturbed by loud music, gets his fishing rod stuck in a branch and nearly falls over. Everything seems to be going wrong, so he decides to give up and have a nap. However, when he wakes up he finds all his belonging spread across the riverbank. What has happened?