Selena: It’s over Nathan!

When Alice admits to Selena that she only made her allegations against Harry because Nathan had said there were other cases against him, Selena is shocked to learn about Nathan’s involvement.

While Harry is speaking to the media outside in a bid to clear his name, Alice steps up and declares that she is withdrawing her complaint. Nathan admits to Selena that he lied about Harry to keep him out of the way of a job he was going for and she begins to wonder whether or not they have a future together.

Later, Kelsey confesses to Selena that she has worked in a brothel where Nathan is a regular customer – and that Nathan paid her to keep quiet. After giving Kelsey her engagement ring to sell, Selena tells Nathan that she knows all about his visit to the brothel and that it’s over.

Elsewhere, Dixie and Cyd arrive at the home of an old man named Roy who insists on being called Mary, and rescue a man who has fallen into a grave after being scared by a bunch of youths.