Sam’s sticky situation

Elliot tells Connie that Lord Byrne has asked him to give a lecture to local registrars. She’s surprised that she hadn’t been asked, but is delighted when Elliot offers her his place. Sam tells Elliot that he feels Connie is taking on too much work while pregnant and when Elliot mentions the conversation to Connie, she immediately thinks that he knows Sam is the father of her baby.

Sam invites Chrissie to a doctor’s dinner to be held that evening. As they’re talking he sees Connie and asks if she’s OK and she responds with a cold ‘yes’. Chrissie tells Sam that she’ll support him through his difficulties with Connie, then explains that she cannot make their dinner date after all.

Meanwhile, Clifford gives Diane and Jac Abra’s workload. Jac asks Joseph to put in a good word for her to take his place on his father’s medical trip to Dubai – but this suggestion makes Joseph feel awkward.

Later, Jac manipulates Diane into confronting Clifford about the future of their roles. Impressed with Diane’s honesty, Clifford appoints her as the new locum consultant. When Jac hears the news, she’s devastated, prompting Joseph to say that he will call his father about Jac accompanying them in Dubai.