Sam’s in the doghouse

Mark tends to a patient named Claire, oblivious to the fact that it’s actually 14-year-old Jade, who’s staying with Sam. When Connie realises this, she demands that Sam call social services – but he calls his mum instead. Later, Sam discovers that Jade has run away.

Meanwhile, Diane finds a box of chocolates in her locker, and tells Jac, Maria and Donna that she thinks they’re from Dan. Later, Jac and Diane disagree on the diagnosis of a patient who’s a convicted murderer and an X-ray comes back confirming Jac’s theory as correct.

Following his operation, the patient tries to kill himself with electrical pads and as Jac tries to stop him she gets injured, forcing Diane to come to the rescue. As Diane walks off, Donna hands Jac a box of chocolates identical to one left in Diane’s locker and realises that Connie has given all the staff a Valentine treat.

Elsewhere, Kyla brings her son Max to work because she can’t find a babysitter.

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