Sam fails to impress new boy Stuart

With Connie going on sabbatical, Locum Cardiothoracic Stuart McElroy (played by Conor Mullen) arrives to stand in while she’s away. Connie tells Sam and Joseph that one of them will have to ‘act up’ in her absence, so they compete with each other all day. When Stuart refuses to operate on a smoker, Sam backs his decision while Joseph objects. Later, Stuart chooses Joseph for the senior position – saying that Sam is too immature.

Kyla arrives on duty drunk, administers the wrong medicine to a patient and unhooks another patient’s machine resulting in his death. Faye covers for her, but Kyla is soon forced to admit her mistake. When the patient’s son attacks Kyla, Ric saves her but smells alcohol on her breath. After Kyla is sent off the ward, she threatens to disclose Ric’s documents of his night-ops plan if he reports her drink problem.

Also, Mark confesses to Elliot about his recreational cocaine use.

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