Sam bonds with baby Grace

Connie and Sam are arguing about Connie’s earlier decision to take newborn daughter Grace off a ventilator, suspecting that Grace had no brain activity. When Elliot works out that Dr Chowdry had given Grace morphine just before her EEG, which affected the results, Connie confronts her. Meanwhile, Chrissie returns the results of Sam’s paternity test – Grace IS his daughter.

But when Sam confronts Connie with the news, Connie’s adamant that she still won’t let Sam have any contact with Grace. Frustrated, Sam confides in Faye, who tells him Connie will soon come around. And sure enough, that evening, an exhausted Connie is struggling to cope with Grace’s persistent crying and pages Sam for help, leaving Sam to play the proud father.

Meanwhile, Jac is under pressure from both Joseph and Lord Byrne: Joseph wants them to live together while Lord Byrne is offering to help her get a job in Edinburgh. When Lord Byrne’s influence results in Jac being bumped off the shortlist, Joseph mistakenly suspects that his father blocked Jac’s move for his sake. When Joseph thanks him, a guilty Lord Byrne reveals all about his own relationship with Jac.

Also, Abra arrives back in Holby – but Kyla and Clifford are far from pleased to see him.