Ruth’s day ends on a high

Ruth’s feeling fragile on her first morning back at The Mill. She’s overwhelmed by the new system in reception and gets a mixed reaction from her old colleagues but she’s put at ease when she meets Cherry and when Lily and Melody arrive. Alone in reception, Ruth questions her ability to cope but she successfully deals with an angry patient and tells Julia about her small triumph.

Over at the Campus, Michelle treats a depressed diabetic patient, Cal, who’s decided to leave uni. Cal does a runner when he believes that no one cares and Michelle tries to find Cal, who turns up drunk at the Mill. Ruth freezes when Cherry asks her to call the Campus for Cal’s records, fearing she may end up having to speak to Michelle.

Buoyed by Cherry’s words of wisdom, Ruth decides she’s ready to do the full shift and Melody, Lily, Cherry and Julia all smile at their new, confident receptionist.

Also, Simon and Cherry plan to go to Auntie Pat’s bistro to celebrate surviving another week and Karen quizzes Cherry about her ‘date’. And as the pair sit down to dinner, Auntie Pat wants to find out if Simon is Cherry’s Mr Right.