Ruth decides to return to The Mill

Ruth tells Julia she overheard her and Jimmi talking the other night and says she’s decided to work somewhere else. Julia tries to convince her that the others will soon come round but Ruth is adamant. Later, Julia tries to make Ruth see that she needs to be with her family, who are her friends at The Mill. Ruth agrees and says she’ll start tomorrow.

Julia intervenes when librarian and romance writer Margaret declares she’s given up on her dreams of literary success – especially when her colleague, Jenny, announces that her first novel is to be published. But when Margaret risks being usurped by Jenny in the love stakes, Julia reminds her that every heroine must overcome an obstacle to get her man…

Melody teases Simon for being nervous and Daniel admonishes her for being so cruel – that was her not so long ago. Feeling guilty, Melody tries to make amends by giving Simon some useful tips. Simon enthusiastically writes them down – but in the end they both agree that you can’t prepare for working with Heston!