Ruhma is worried about her son

Ruhma is concerned about Shak's return to college

Ruhma is worried about Shak heading back to college to re-sit his exams; especially as he has a blasé attitude towards them. Ruhma turns to Heston about her concerns for her son – will Heston be able to put Ruhma’s mind at rest?

Meanwhile, Rob’s anxious about his first day back at work. Will he be able to go back to normal or will the death of Bren be too much for Rob to handle?

Elsewhere, Daniel’s convinced that Zara will never be able to ride a bike. Annoyed and frustrated by Daniel’s teasing, she accepts Sid’s offer to have a secret training session during their lunch break. There are a few rocky moments during the session but Zara manages to stay on her bike and maintain control. Will she be able to wipe the smirk off Daniel’s face?