Ruhma is feeling insecure

After spending a weekend with Heston's wealthy friends, Ruhma starts to worry about her appearance

When the strap on Ruhma’s bag suddenly breaks, Mrs Tembe suggests she treats herself to a new one. However, Ruhma flies off the handle and makes some cutting comments about frivolous people who overspend. Shocked by her outburst, Mrs Tembe later finds Ruhma and asks her to explain why she reacted so badly. Ruhma reveals that she met up with some of Heston’s friends over the weekend and felt insecure around their designer handbags and clothes. Can Mrs Tembe boost Ruhma’s confidence?

Valerie receives a wedding invite from an old friend, who is marrying a man she met online. Inspired by her friend’s happiness and upcoming nuptials, Valerie decides to try online dating again! She ropes Ayesha in to help her take a picture and create a profile. Once all her information is uploaded, Valerie starts ‘liking’ almost every man on the website. Will Valerie find the man of her dreams or will she regret trying online dating once again?