Roy discovers Sylvia’s gambling addiction!


Roy’s been worried by Sylvia’s strange behaviour since she returned from the States. He starts to fear it may be down to her health but when he follows Sylvia into town he’s horrified to see her being manhandled out of a casino, and that she has a massive gambling problem

Despite Katy’s threats Chesney meets up with Fiz. As he hands over the cash and passports he does his best to persuade her to do the right thing and to make her see that the police will catch up with them eventually. But Fiz is prepared to do anything for the man she loves.

After Faye defies Anna, Tim returns her to No 6 explaining how Faye lied to him, telling him that Anna had OK’d their meetings. Anna accepts this, but when Tim tells her he wants visiting rights to see Faye Anna wonders whether it’s time to change tack.
Also, Gail continues to play the lodger.