The final episode of BBC1’s All Round to Mrs Brown’s wraps up the series with guests Paddy McGuinness, Dani and Jo Dyer and music from Busted

Agnes Brown (Brendan O’Carroll) signs off the third series with a giggle about the Dutchman who wanted to knock 20 years off his official age.

‘If you want to declare yourself to be 49, go where everyone else does – Tinder!’ says Mrs B, before welcoming Paddy McGuinness and Dani Dyer into her home.

All Round to Mrs Brown's

Paddy McGuinness joins Agnes and Cathy for the final show

The adorable Love Island queen is joined by mum Jo for a chat about the Dyer family’s royal connections and also climbing Mount Kilimanjaro with Ed Balls.

There are more balls involved as Paddy talks about his game show Catchpoint, while he also looks forward to co-hosting Top Gear and gives Agnes a chance to lust after his toned, 
trim new physique.

With music from Busted.

All Round to Mrs Brown's

Busted perform for Agnes and co

TV Times rating: ****