Will Rob let his problems rule his head?

Rob is struggling to cope with his problems, but will he take them out on Bren?

Rob is dismayed and annoyed when Shane brings Bren into the police station kicking and screaming. What is wrong with Bren and has she taken any drugs? Will Rob be able to remain professional with her?

Heston is fed up with waiting around and doesn’t care about superstition, so he bursts through the door and sees Ruhma in her wedding dress. He asks where Shak is, but Ruhma has no idea. Meanwhile, Mrs Tembe is getting the wedding venue ready, but starts gossiping with Valerie about Shak’s attitude towards the upcoming nuptials. Will the pair be overheard?

Heston finally finds Shak and tries to get to the bottom of his behaviour and bad attitude. Can he convince Shak to be part of the wedding?