Rob needs help

Rob is homeless and close to the edge

Rob is alone and sleeping rough on the streets. He’s at breaking point and knows he has to confront the things that have been haunting him. He turns up at The Mill and watches Karen from a distance, however, no one spots him and he leaves. He then makes his way to Valerie’s house, where he confronts Ayesha. He tells her about what happened the night Bren died and even confesses his struggles with baby Marnie. Will Ayesha be able to forgive Rob?

Meanwhile, Al decides to up his game and starts being nice to strangers. He decides to donate an unexpired parking ticket to a stranger. The stranger on the receiving end of Al’s kind act, Yvan, is perplexed by Al’s insistence of taking the ticket, but takes it anyway. However, Al’s act of kindness backfires dramatically‚Ķ